The hardest things…

One of the hardest thing for me when I writing is when I near the end of nearly anything. I never know just how to finish a story. I’m never quite satisfied with any ending that I write. I’ve tried several times to figure out what I’m missing, but I’ve never managed to find an ending that in completely enjoyed. That said, I have been able to write a few cliff hangers that I’ve been mostly happy with.
Other times I just come mot a point where I realize that it’s a decent ending, even if it’s not quite where I had wanted it. I just can’t take it any further without doing damage to the story and having it seem as if I’m just dragging it out.
There have been several times when I’ve kept writing, trying to get my story to a better ending, but most of those attempts fail, I find myself returning to the point I thought about ending it and tying it up there instead. All too often I end up with an ending where it feels a bit lacking to me, but I just don’t know what to do to polish the ending.
I often wonder how other people manage to end a story without hating the ending as much as I end up hating my endings.

If anyone has any tips for me, I’d appreciate them.


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