The trouble with reading

In this day and age, tablets have made reading a lot harder, at least for me. I keep finding myself distracted when I’m trying to read. I end up using my iPad to look something up. Sometimes it will be a word in a book that reminds me of something, other times the low ding saying I just received an email.

It doesn’t take much to distract you from a book, I’m sure most people are the same way. Ebooks are even harder for the same reason, but I’m not going to talk about ebooks tonight, I’ll save that subject for another post.

I’m sure that everyone can relate to being distracted while trying to read, what I’m curious about is how you ignore the distractions. There has to be a number of ways to ignore distractions, but I haven’t found one that works for me.

What is needed is a foolproof way to ignore tablet distraction and focus on reading. Luckily there is one way that is foolproof, it’s called a dead battery.

How  do you ignore distractions while reading?


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