Interactive Fiction

I’d like to take a moment to tell you about Interactive Fiction (IF), also known as Adventure games and Text games, IF is the oldest kind of computer game in existence. It was quite popular in the early days of computing, but it suffered a decline in popularity when graphics were introduced to games. However IF is not dead, in fact there is a large community that still creates and plays IF.

There is one place where IF has an opportunity to gain new fans, advertizing, specifically advertizing for books, e-books in particular. IF is quite powerful and would work wonderfully as a way to hook people into a series. Let me give you an example: Say a mystery series has a minor character, IF could be utilized to give that character a story of his or her own. Or, if there is a place in a book where the main character enters a place and isn’t seen again for a number of pages and  nothing is explained about what happened in that place, IF could allow you to be the character in that place. What could be a better way to advertise a book?

IF has several different languages that can be used to create it, such as Inform 7, which is the easiest to use as it uses ‘natural language’ for writing the game. Inform 7 is my first choice for writing IF, it’s free from

 Over the next few weeks, I’m planning on going deeper into the power of IF, along with how easy it can be.

 What are your thoughts on Interactive Fiction?


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