Interactive Fiction update

Just a quick update tonight, I just discovered Twine, a slightly different kind of IF: Instead of the normal interface where you type commands in for the character to carry out, Twine uses a choose-your-own-adventure-style interface where you click on your choice. It’s basically all contained in a webpage, which would make it an excellent option for marketing an eBook like I was writing about last week.

I haven’t had much time to play with it, yet, but I’m going to try to spend some time over the next few days playing around with it. Also I just downloaded the program to create a Twine game, I’m planning on trying it out next week.

I’ve only taken a quick look into creating games in it (maybe five – ten minutes), but it looks quite simple, I’m looking forward to playing around with it.

I’ll have a few extra posts next week dealing with my experience creating a Twine game. These extra posts will be in addition to my normal posts. Here’s a link to Twinehub in case you’d like to try one of the many games they host.

Has anyone had any experience with this style of IF? I’m interested in your thoughts.


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