I’m starting on an experiment!

I’m going to try a LiveUSB Linux on my desktop computer this coming week.
I’m going to work on getting it ready to go tonight, the next time I write in here (if everything goes right!) I’ll be using Linux from my USB thumb drive.
I’m excited about it, I’ve been thinking about doing this for several month, but I haven’t really looked into it until today. Now I know what I’m going for, I know what I’m doing (I hope!) and I think that I can really experience something new.
I’m doing this because I really don’t think that my next computer will have Windows on it, I’m still using a Windows XP computer to write this, it’s a wonderful computer, but I know that I’m going to need to upgrade in a year or so. I’ll most likely go to a Mac, but I want to try Linux just so I can say I have.
I’ll keep you informed on how my experiment goes.I’ll also post about other things.

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