The next step of my Linux experiment

The next step of my Linux experiment is an ambitious one. I’ve briefly read about how to put multiple versions of Linux on one thumb drive. I’m going to read up on this and make sure I understand how to do it this week.

I want to do this so I can experiment with different distros before I commit myself to one for an old computer I’m hoping to get running again soon. I have two, really, an old low powered one that I’m going to end up searching for an OS with low enough system requirements to run. My other computer is a much faster one, but I need to find some more memory for it before I bother working on it.

I’m hoping to make a few minor decisions regarding which versions of Linux I’m going to try within the next week. I’m planning to dedicate a post to the versions of Linux and why I chose them, hopefully that will be within the next week.

I’m open to suggestions if anyone has one.

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