What if my Spam comments were real?

The only comments I seem to receive on my blog are spam. At least I’m assuming that they are spam… but what is they aren’t?

What if someone with a name that makes me believe they are advertising drugs really does like my blog because it uses the same colors as their old one? Maybe they weren’t really selling anything after all.

What if someone really does turn to my blog to ask what blog site I recommend because they’ve had trouble with what they are using… Would someone really look at my blog and think I’m an expert?


Should I take the time to check these people’s blogs out next time? Maybe I’d get lucky and befriend a foreign prince who needs to get a fortune out of his country before it descends into civil war, I might be able to get a small cut if I’d help him out.

That’s something to think about, I guess, but just think of the taxes!

That’s not something I’d want to even consider. I guess I’ll just keep believing that they really are spam comments.


3 thoughts on “What if my Spam comments were real?

      1. I’ve just this minute discovered one spam comment that links back to a blog page in Italian (I think) and ALL the so-called ‘comments’ that people leave are in fact spam themselves – it ALMOST had me fooled into approving it 🙂


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