Why I don’t post on my blog more often

The reasons that I don’t post on my blog more often are as follows:


  1.  I struggle to decide what to post, should I post something humorous, or serious? That’s one of my problems.
  2.  I sometimes feel like I should tackle serious topics, things of interest that make the new, but I realize that I don’t have anything new to add, only my opinion, something that I don’t like forcing on other people.
  3. Lack of time. This is one of the two big problems I have. I don’t have enough time to write long posts, nor do I feel that I can do justice to topics in shorter posts.
  4.  Lack of desire. I want to keep blogging, but I have a hard time getting the motivation to blog. Part of that is because I don’t get more people visiting or commenting on my blog. I know that this is partly because I don’t blog enough.


I do have a slight plan to counter these problems. I’m just going to have to vary my posts to take into account what I feel strongest about, I’ll occasionally try to tackle a serious topic, but mostly I’m going to try to make my blog more lighthearted. Lack of time is not as easy to deal with, but I’m going to find a way to blog three or four times a week, with any luck I’ll manage to increase that over the next few months, which in turn should result in more views and comments, which will inspire me to blog more often, or so I hope!

I’m open to any and all suggestions. Thanks for reading!


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