What does Mars think of the major news stories?

Just assume for a moment that there is life on Mars, also lets assume that they are human-like beings that think and act like us, roughly at least. Just to make it a bit more believable, we’ll say that they live underground in cities that they built eons ago.

With those ideas firmly planted in your mind, let commence with some of the major news stories:


Edward Snowden- I can believe that in underground cities almost everything is recorded and analyzed for any sign of unrest, after all  in such a society, you’d have to make sure everyone thinks that same to keep it stable. They most likely don’t understand why its a big deal.


Egypt- Martians must be laughing over how a country on Earth is so unstable. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just believed that the celebrations and riots are just because of sport games… unless they think what’s going on is a game.


Forest fires- This is most likely what every Martian watched with fascination, they don’t have forests, so they have never seen fires like this. They must see water drops as wasteful (living with a limited water supply as they are).


Stock markets- The Martians undoubtedly watch out stock market with concern, seeing as how their own stock market is oddly connected with ours. The last stock crash a few years ago resulted in several sectors being turned into tent camps as the Martians who lived there were forced out of their living units after defaulting on loans.


I also assume that the Martian authorities have troops standing by to take out the rovers on the surface of Mars at a moments notice. Such an event might just be enough to keep their own economy running smoothly, after all they never know when we’ll decide to launch an attack against them. NASA could call it science, after all, we nearly nuked our own moon during the cold war.


Thanks for coming with me on this journey into the mind of Martians, I enjoyed it and I hope you did as well. Comments are welcome.

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