Imagine if you would…

Imagine if you would, a world in the future where time travel has been discovered and is as common as cell phones are today.

Next, imagine that humans have grown tired of all the sports we have today and any number of new sports that will be created by then.
There is only one thing left for humans to enjoy watching, ancient battles! Imagine watching the Battle of Gettysburg! The Battle of Midway! Bunker Hill! The Hundred year war!

But why stop there? Humans are imaginative, they will, sooner or later, want something more interesting. Maybe they will even take part in these battles.As a concerned person, I offer this tale of what I imagine might happen someday in the future (past?), as told by a color analyst team:


“It’s a great day for a battle, Jim, who do we have going up against one another tonight?”

“Well Bob, tonight we’re going to see an epic rematch between Caesar’s Legions and an army of Samurai. The last time these two armies last met, nearly four years ago, Caesar lost two-thirds of his army.”

“That’s right, I remember that battle! Caesar’s troops just weren’t ready to face those katanas, what do they need to do tonight to win?”

“First off, Caesar must have a better plan of attack, if you will. His troops just didn’t look sharpe last time. If he doesn’t have a new strategy tonight, then I’m afraid that his job’s on the line.”

“I talked to Caesar just a bit ago, he sounded pretty confident, saying that he has a new secret weapon at his disposal.”

“That’s right, I heard that they pulled off a trade, but the details were kept quiet. I’m looking forward to tonight’s battle, what about you, Bob?”

“It’s going to be a good battle. I think it’ll be a close battle that might go down to the last man. With any luck we’ll have a winner tonight!”

“Let’s go to our battle field reporter, Jane Smith, who’s live with the general of the Samurai army!”

“Thanks, Jim, Bob. I’m here with General… something or another, I can’t pronounce his name, but he just told me that his army is ready for this battle. They feel like they have it won already, plus it’s a home battle for them tonight, so they have the crowds rooting for them! Back to you!”

“Thanks Jane. When we come back, we’ll have the opening charge! Stay with us!”

‘This battle is brought to you by TimeCo, the leaders in Time Travel! Travel with us yesterday!’


 I’ve got more ideas for this, if I get good feed back I’ll write the rest. Please leave your comments, good or bad.

4 thoughts on “Imagine if you would…

  1. Hmm if the past got re-written we wouldn’t necessarily have a future to come back to though, eh?
    What if a Jew went back in time to kill Hitler? And then there was no world war 2. And women were less liberated and that same Jew who tried to kill Hitler wasn’t actually born because of that…. My brain hurts.


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