Parallel Universes- a brief explanation

Since I touched on parallel  universes in an earlier post, I thought it might be interesting to expand on it, at least slightly. This way everyone has a slight idea about what I’m talking about so they won’t be confused.

First off, I’ll assume everyone knows what the universe is (or is thought to be if you prefer).

When I talk about parallel  universes, I mean universes that exist concurrent to our own, perhaps they vibrate at a different rate, or maybe our universe is like a single page in a book. I like the last idea best, personally. In this case, parallel or alternate universes can peacefully co-exist with one another, which is much easier to fathom.

I very confusing (or in-depth if you prefer) article on Wikipedia uses yet another term for what I’m writing about, a Multiverse: This might provide you with enough information to make your head spin (if you’re in a universe where peoples heads spin around that is).

While we can’t yet prove that there are multiple universes, I feel confident that there are, why else would there be so many similar ideas floating around?I feel that parallel universes are excellent locations in sci-fi stories.

Speaking about sci-fi stories, I’d me remiss if I didn’t mention ‘Thrice upon a time’ by James P. Hogan, it’s an interesting tale, but the descriptions of the different types of universe that might be out there is amazing, it’s a bit dated now, but it is a book I’d recommend reading just because of the universes discussed in it.

I find alternate\parallel universes a fascinating theory, one that I feel isn’t used often enough if sci-fi. I aim to make use of it in future blog posts, if only to stretch the minds of the people reading my blog.

I hope you’ve found this interesting enough to want to keep learning about parallel universes, I know that I haven’t gone in-depth on the subject, but I honestly don’t consider myself as being knowledgeable enough about it to present any theory of my own here, at least not in a post that I want to keep factual as much as possible… if I didn’t care, I’d simply explain that parallel universes are created whenever a light switch is flipped twelve times in under two seconds while the flipper chants an ancient verse backwards.

 Please leave any comments at all, I’m interested in what you think of this post and what you think about parallel universes.


2 thoughts on “Parallel Universes- a brief explanation

    1. It is truly amazing, I agree. We live in a time of discoveries that are almost unimaginable. Who knows what might be happening in other universes, aliens might be invading earth as I type this in some other parallel universe…

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