Random wacky thoughts for July 15 and 16th

Just a few random wacky thoughts for today:

Assuming for a moment that a Zombie apocalypse is possible, what happens if there are Vampires as well? Would we wind up with Zombie Vampires? Could that even be possible? Both are undead… so you’d have the undead undead?

Or perhaps Vampires ave been around for ages, hiding among us, waiting until Zombies attack so they can wipe out the Zombies and be seen as the heroes of mankind? Could we find ourselves being thankful that Vampires are real?

Or an even wilder thought: Could Zombies be what Vampires rely on for blood? Could the whole ‘human blood’ thing be a myth? Could a Zombie apocalypse be caused by the death of a Vampire that results in its Zombies getting free and killing off humanity?

Other, non-undead, thoughts for today:

If an alien from another galaxy, having heard about Earth from other alien races, landed on Earth and sees a tiger, would it think that the tiger was a human?

What would have happened if Caesar had conquered China instead of Egypt? Would Caesar have still been assassinated? Or would he have gained control of gunpowder? If he had and if the Roman smiths had managed to create even rudimentary guns, could the ancient Romans have managed to keep Roman together, repelling the invaders that destroyed it? Just think, we might be speaking Latin today if he had!


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