My thoughts on ice cream

I honestly feel that ice cream is one of the best things ever invented, I also assume that it was replaced by sliced bread in the old saying (the best thing since sliced bread), which would mean it used to be the ‘Best thing since ice cream’.

Assuming I’m correct, than sliced bread was once the best thing since ice cream!

Ice cream is wonderful during the summer, it’s a nice treat to beat the heat, I’m sure almost everyone will agree with that.

I think that most flavors of ice cream are good (I don’t eat nuts so I can’t comment on those flavors), but my favorites are Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Vanilla? Vanilla? Who likes that?’ But I do have a reason, I enjoy sprinkling a tiny bit of brown sugar on top of vanilla ice cream, when it mixes with the ice cream it almost becomes like a butterscotch.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is a wonderful flavor as well, who doesn’t like mint and chocolate? Add in ice cream and you’ve got yourself a winner!

I also like chocolate chips on top of ice cream, but that’s another story.


I know that this was an odd post, but it addresses something that I felt I had to mention. I welcome your comments.


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