Random thoughts for July 30th

The following is intended as humor. Nothing else is implied no matter how it might sound.

Have you ever wondered why July has thirty one days? Why do months have different amounts of days for that matter? Didn’t anyone try to even them out and restore February to full length?

No matter what you might think about the length of months, here are a few suggestions that might make life easier (or harder).

Why not do away with 12 months and go to something easier, say four months (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter would work).

Or we could keep the twelve months, we could just realine the days so every month gets longer (or shorter would work too).

Another option, which would help with the national debit at the same time, is to auction off the names of the months to the higher bidders. If this would happen, we might be nearing the end of Albert today.

One last crazy option would be to go to just numbers for month… and count down instead. This has the bonus of making it sound like you’re counting down for a rocket launch if you count the months out loud.

While these are just a few odd thoughts, I hope they gave you a chuckle or two. Thanks for reading.

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