What I think Doctor Who needs

In addition to what I mentioned last week,  I think that the other main problem with Doctor Who is the companions. Since Doctor Who was rebooted in 2005, they have had trouble creating companions for the Doctor that felt real. They did a good job with Rose (I think I lost about a fourth of my readers right there), Donna was decent but not entirely believable (at least another eighth just stopped reading).

I never liked Amy and Rory, they just didn’t fit in for constant companions, maybe once or twice a season would have been enough for them (just lost half of the readers that had been reading since the beginning).

I can’t comment on Martha Jones, I haven’t been able to catch enough of the season with her in it in reruns to have formed a solid opinion of her.

I’ve been watching the Doctors revisited on BBC America since the beginning of the year, I wish they would have more than one episode a month.

From the companions featured in those episodes, I’ve found myself drawn into the old episodes much more than the current episodes. Here’s a few that stick in my mind:

Jamie and Victoria: Companions from the past, a perfect idea! Let the Doctor’s companions be different, have their own view points that might clash with ours today, it would allow us to see how times have changed.

Susan: The Doctor’s granddaughter, I only saw the one episode, but she had the potential to be a unique character, I’d love to see the rest of her episodes.

Ace: The Seventh Doctor’s companion that attacked a Dalek with a baseball bat… what else can be said about her? Well, besides that fact she was an explosives genius and didn’t follow the Doctor’s orders?


There were other companions that I should mention, but these are the most memorable for me.

If the new writers of Doctor Who (as in the writers since it was rebooted)  would look at these older companions, I mean really look at them, they would see quite easily what the modern companions are missing.

Give me companions with good stories, from multiple times, perhaps multiple planets and let them be real, no more cookie cutter companions.


Thanks for reading this (assuming anyone managed to read all of it), I really appreciate it! Please tell me your thoughts below.


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