If history would happen today

First of a occasional series.

Have you ever stopped to consider how famous events in the past would be viewed if they happened today? How our modern way of looking at things could possibly alter how things turned out?

There are so many examples of things that might have turned out differently that I have a hard time selecting just one, but let’s take the American Revolution first off:

If it was happening today, everything would have to happen differently. I’m not talking about weapons, or battle field, though those would be different as well. What I’m talking about is how it would be judged by the rest of the world.

Wouldn’t it be likely that George Washington and the other freedom fighters would be viewed as terrorists? They took up arms in an attempt to overthrow the government, so in certain eyes they would be classified as terrorists in today’s world.

However, it would have all depended on how the revolution would begin in today’s world, would there have been peaceful protests that got attacked? If so, George Washington and the rest would be classified as heroes instead of terrorists by most of the world.

But here’s an interesting thought, would George Washington be asking for anti-tank weapons and a no-flight zone over America? Or would he be doing his best with what he had? Making do as they did back then?

A slightly different question also comes to mind; the Boston Tea Party. Would it have been described simply as looting and written off? Attributed to the result of a football game? A simple insurance claim filed and nothing else? Could something like it have happened in such a world as I’m imagining?

These are just a few of the questions that there would be, if history would happen today.


What do you think would happen?


Do you have anything to say?

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