How to make a bed with a cat on it

So you need to make a bed that has a cat asleep on it. While difficult, this is a thing that can be done if you follow these few simple steps:


  1. Place sheets on bed to free up hand to pet cat.
  2. Pet cat while telling her you’ve got to make said bed.
  3. suggest to cat that she should go get a snack.
  4. Sit on bed and pet cat while telling her that she’ll enjoy the bed better once it’s made.


If you’ve done everything correctly, by now your cat should be rubbing up against you and standing on your lap.

Continue petting cat until she takes a cat nap. When cat wakes up she will sit next to you and want to be petted. Continue petting cat until you realize that sheets aren’t necessary on a bed. At that point your cat will get up and vanish, her job is done.

Note: you should make sure to put a nice soft pillow or blanket on your bed for your cat, after all, she just showed you that you waste your time worrying about putting sheet on your bed, she should have something soft to sleep on after that.


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