A random thought about studies

Warning: The following is my opinion and may contain some amount of exaggeration, ranting and/or sarcasm. Read at your own risk!


With all the resources at our disposal, why can’t scientist figure anything out decisively? One year they decide that, for instance, chocolate is good for you. The next it’s not as good as they first thought, but it’s still good for you in moderation. The following few years sees it changed from something good to something bad and back twice a year or more.

You would think that by now they could just settle that something like chocolate is good for you or bad for you and leave it at that. I don’t really care if you need to eat a pound of chocolate a day for it to be helpful or a tiny bite, just settle on whether or not it’s good for a person or not and forget about it.

This isn’t something that only happens with chocolate, but quite a few other things if you notice, studies come out every few months in support of or against something, weeks or months later and a reverse opinion is issued. I’ve had enough of it. I don’t want to hear what scientists say about their studies anymore. I’ll eat what I want, if it happens to be healthy so much the better.

I apologize to any scientists who dislike this post, if any read it that is. I can only ask you to try to work on something that matters more than opposing study, such as figuring out a way to make time travel possible.

Thank you for reading, here’s hoping we’ll get time travel soon!


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