My plan to boost my blog’s viewership

Yesterday I wrote why I hate blogging, tonight I’m explaining my plan to increase the number of visitors my blog gets. I’ve been mulling over this plan of mine for quite some time, I’ve been hoping not to have to change my blog very much, but I now see that I have no choice.

Without further ado, here’s my list of blog improvements:


  1.  Every post will include something dealing with a head line.
  2. I will mention a foreign country in every post.
  3. I will find a way to use one or more of the following words in every post: Coup, Terrorist, NSA, CIA, FBI, China, Iraq, Syria, whistle-blower, conspiracy, recall, celebrity, Hollywood, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Beer, WMDs, FREE!
  4. I will write one or more posts a week that make no sense, but they will include every word in #3.


I expect that with those few changes, I’ll have a quite popular blog, even if no one expects it. I’m sure I’ll at least draw a few people who are interested in seeing how this works for me.

I may have a few posts that are more inline with what I’ve been blogging, but I’m planning on giving this plan of mine a decent amount of time to start working.

In closing I’ll leave you with this thought: I believe that a Baseball player hailing from Hollywood will turn Whistle Blower about a Conspiracy between the NSA and Syria to launch a Coup against Iraq and start a Beer brewery called Hockey WMDs in China.



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