A few random thoughts

Tonight I have a few random thoughts to share with you, they might make you stop and think, they might make you laugh, they might annoy you, or maybe they will bore you to death.

Are you ready to find out?


First thought:


Why are laptops so hard to use? The keyboard is slightly shifted from a normal desktop keyboard, which makes it quite easy to miss a key, I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time, but it’s still annoying. Also I keep having to stop and fix what I’m writing, somehow while I’m typing, I’m not sure when or how, I’ll glance up and see that I’m typing on another line.

Also why is the trackpad in the center of the laptop? Why not place it to one side and add a slider switch to turn it on and off, then you wouldn’t keep bumping it and having the cursor flying around the screen.

Perhaps these two annoyances are one in the same, it’s quite possible I guess.


Second thought:


Why does pita bread always rip? You are supposed to be able to cut it in half and open it up so you can stuff it, even if you manage to open it up, as soon as you put anything inside it, the bottom always rips out. Who ever decided it was supposed to be opened up in the first place?


Third thought:ic books are still worth something even without a cover? Look on eBay and  you’ll find dozens of listings for comics without covers.  Those are almost worthless…unless it’s so rare of an issue that even without a cover it’s worth a few bucks, but those comics are going to be so rare that nearly no one will ever see such a comic.


Forth thought:


Beer comes from grains, Root beer sounds like it should come from roots, so why isn’t there a stem beer? Or a leaf beer? Who missed this market?


I’ll leave you with these thoughts for tonight… oh, one more thing: to the NSA reader who’s going to suggest my Leaf beer idea to his or her brother and rake in millions of dollars, please at least like this post.


Thanks for reading!


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