September 2nd rumor and thought

Today’s rumor, now with no sources!


Rumor has it (though no one has said or hinted at this)  that Apple will announce at its next press conference that it has brokered a deal between ADM and Microsoft. In the deal Microsoft will sell Apple its newly acquired Surface division. ADM will get its OS division and Microsoft will become a company devoted to building gaming systems until tow years from now when Bill Gates will return and lead Microsoft in a new direction building TVs.

Apple will offer its new Surface hybrid tablet to idiots who want to use something that few others use, it will also dual-boot with Windows 95.


This may have been leaked by  a Syrian hacker via a NSA wiretap in certain Hollywood celebrities who were informed of these facts by hackers from Mars.


Today’s thought:

How different would life be if you could choose a super power? How many people would turn out to be villains vs heroes?

Could there be super heroes without villains? Or villains without heroes for that matter? Could evil be merely  people wanting a challenge? Would a world without heroes bring about a world without evil?


These are just two thoughts that I find myself wondering about tonight.

Thanks for reading and please leave any comments.


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