Any suggestions for changing my blog?

I keep trying new things with my blog on hopes that something will interest both me and the people who don’t visit my blog.
While I’ve struggled to keep up dating my blog every few days, I keep getting fewer and fewer visitors, I used to think that getting only one or two visitors a day was bad, now I find myself rejoicing when I look at my stats and see that I’ve had a visitor. My blog doesn’t seem to be interesting to anyone besides myself these days, sure, ill occasionally get a like on one of my posts, but I’m lucky to get a single comment a week, more often it seems like I get one comment every two or three weeks.
Now I’m finding it even tougher to get interested in keeping my blog up to date, I can’t even seem to come up with one good idea a week. So I’ve decided to ask anyone who might read this post to tell me what they might want to see me blog about. I’ve not promising that I’ll take those suggestions, but I’d like to hear them anyway.
I don’t really expect anyone to offer any suggestions, mostly because my blog seems to get passed over, I’ll keep on blogging anyway, but I might cut back to just one or two posts a week, or it might just become whenever I feel like it.
So, please tell me what you would like me to change on this blog, I’m open to suggestions (I’ll consider every one really!).
Thanks for reading this and taking the time to comment, if you decide to.


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