Why I’m willing to take a risk without anti-virus software

Tonight I just removed the anti-virus software from my laptop. It was a very easy decision to make, oddly enough, here are my reasons:


  • The anti-virus software I used slowed my laptop down to the point I couldn’t even use it.
  • It took five minutes for Firefox to load.
  • When my laptop started up, the screen would flash at an odd time, causing me concern that something was going wrong with it.
  • It took twice as long to shut down.


My experience uninstalling it:


  • The uninstalling process took twenty minutes.
  • It warned me that it was being uninstalled.
  • It warned me that by uninstalling it I was putting my computer at risk.
  • It sat without a moving progress bar so long that I thought it was stuck.


Next time, if I find myself needing to remove anti-virus software (or really any software) just a few days after I install it, I’ll seriously consider just using System Restore instead.

Of course that assumes that I don’t just get a Mac, something that gains appeal every day.

I’m accepting that I’m taking a risk with my laptop, but I’m comfortable with the level of risk I’m taking. The only thing that I use it for (right now at least) is for blogging and dealing with some email.

I do plan on downloading a stand alone, not always on anti-virus program to run every week or so, in addition to that, I’ll do my best to practice safe browsing. I’ll most likely also try to optimize any settings that I can to improve my security.



Thanks for reading!



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