A cat’s life

The life of a cat is something to be envied. A cat has the best things in life (normally) and seldom wants for anything.


  • A dark and dreary day? A cat can sleep until the weather turns pleasant again.
  • A blistering hot day with no sign of rain? A cat can just sleep in the sun until it’s nighttime or clouds roll in.
  • A cat doesn’t like its food? Oh well,just wait until its treat time.
  • Don’t like the treat? Just stare at the treat giver until they break down and start offering the good stuff.
  •  No good stuff forthcoming? A simple jaunt across someone’s back with claws out will make wonderful treats appear for the next day.
  • Tired of sleeping in one room? Just move to another, flop down and sleep.
  • A simple meow will get you anything, or at least drive someone crazy while they try to guess what you want.


These were just a few of the benefits of being a cat.


Bonus Benefit of being a cat:

As a cat, you don’t have to worry about rumors that the NSA is listening to the conversations of a retired bookie who has connections to a toy maker in Syria who is suspected of supplying rum to soldiers in the war zone.


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