Is the recent rain in Colorado part of a weather control experiment?

The recent heavy rain here in Colorado has me wondering if a government experiment to control the weather is being used as a political tool to keep a number of counties from seceding and forming their own state.

While slightly far-fetched, keep these points in mind:

  • Man kind has always thought that it could control the weather, from rain dances to seeding clouds.
  • After another long hot summer of drought, we received more rain within a week than we do in a normal year, heck we received more than in a wet year!
  • The northern counties that were threatening to secede are the ones that received the brunt of the storms, suffered massive damage and are receiving aid from the rest of the sate.
  • While the damage is immense, it also will cause a massive amount of money being spent to repair the damage, which in turn translates into more (at least temporary) employment.
  • As few people around here have flood insurance (since it’s rarely needed) those people will be forced to take loans from the government. Those loans have the potential, depending on the wording, to cause legal tangles should those counties secede.


I’m the first to admit that this theory of mine is far-fetched, it is never the less within the realm of possibility.


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to tell me what you think; is it possible that the government is trying weather control experiments in Colorado? Or am I just talking through my hat?

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