My plan to reopen National Parks, Forests and Monuments

As I was talking about yesterday, I have a plan that I believe could work to reopen the national parks, monuments, forests, etc.
My plan simple, force large corporations which are currently sponsoring Congressman and senators to take care of the National Parks, Forests, Monuments ect.
Imagine if you will, Apple in charge of the Statue of Liberty. You would have a monument that would have latest in technology, a beautiful design, and an upgrade every three months.
Imagine Google in charge of a National Forest… You’d have step by step directions to every bush and tree in that forest, but you’d have to accept that your every move would be watched, ads would pop up everywhere you go (tailored to you, of course), Google will explain that they can legally track your every move in the interest of advertising. You would also be advised to check the trees for your name as it might be carved in random places and linked to bad information… Oddly enough you might also find sensitive information about yourself where any one could see it.
Imagine Microsoft and chars of a national Park. You’d find yourself in a park that has to be rebooted at least once a day. It also would have designe features stolen from other companies, such as Apple and Google. You would also see security updates every few days. A large number of people will prefer the older parks, while Microsoft would punching to update all parks before they stop supporting the older ones.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll continue with these ideas tomorrow, assuming that the Government stays shutdown.
Please feel free to comment.


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