More ways to restore services

As the U.S. government is still shutdown, I’ll continue with my suggestions about how to replace federal money:


Yesterday I gave you examples of how Apple, Google and Microsoft would run the parks, forests and monuments. Here are a few other companies and how they might run them:


If banks were put in charge of running the parks system, we’d have parks that would require massive amounts of papers filled out to determine if you qualify to enter the park… however there would be no trees remaining in the parks as they would have been cut down to make the forms in the first place.


If insurance companies were in charge of the forest service, the forests would be cut down to avoid lawsuits, all boulders would be reduced to rubble in the interest of safety as well. Oddly enough, there would be a fire extinguisher every fifty feet and smoke alarms every ten feet or so. You would also be required to take out an insurance policy before entering the forests.


If cable providers were placed in charge of the National Monuments, you’d have to choose one provider and sign a contract with them to enter the monuments they are in charge of, if you want to visit a monument that’s being taken care of by another provider, you’ll be charged an early termination fee, however for the next several months that company will be asking you to come back to their monuments at a discount.

Another side effect of cable providers being in charge of the nations monuments is that some monuments will be unavailable due to a disagreement over fees.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know if you did!


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