How would sports weather a shutdown like the Government?

In trying to come up with another post about the government shutdown, I suddenly wondered how professional sports would react to such a problem. I’m not referring to a lockout or strike like sports have, but rather where the owners couldn’t come to an agreement regarding a league budget. Here are my thoughts:


General sports:


Several teams would leave the league and form a rival league, they would last a season or two before rejoining the main league.

Other teams would continue to play in a normal fashion, only when it was time to divide the earnings the heavy hitters would be called in to brawl it out in the team offices… oddly enough, this would spawn a new sport league/ reality series where former sport players who were known for cheap hits would compete against one another for a jackpot in a no-holds barred contest.


Specific sports:


Football: Football wouldn’t have to worry as TV networks would quickly step in a make up any difference in budget with a lucrative offer for the rights to televise certain games.


Soccer: Nothing would be done for several months until the players declare their contracts null and void and create their own (player owned) league.


Hockey: Few people besides the players would care, most players wouldn’t care too much either as they would join teams in their home countries.


Baseball: The season would be canceled until the dispute is resolved. After several months it would boil down to two sides on the issue and it would be settled by a home-run derby by the best players (or former players) on each side of the debate.


Come to think of it, that might be the best way to solve debates in Congress: select the best athletes from each side of the debate (there could be many sides as well instead of just two)  and let them settle it in a contest of skills, there could be several categories, from running to swimming, from shooting hoops to hitting baseballs or slapping pucks. To top it off, they could charge admission to watch! The concession fees alone would probably pay for the wages of Congress for a week!

What do you think? Should we abandon the deadlock politics we currently have for politics decided in stadiums?

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