A cat’s suggestions about the government shutdown

The following is the essence of a conversation I recently had with a friendly cat:


To get everyone to get along it was suggested that they roll in catnip.

In response to a question about how the government shutdown was affecting the ‘normal’ people in the ‘rat race’, my source said that real rats would run much better with a few cats chasing them.

According to this cat, the real difference between the two major political parties in the same as the difference between birds, the feathers might be different, but all birds fly the same.

In response to a question of mine about filibusters, it was suggested that a better brand of  treats might make a big difference.

In answer to a question of mine regarding the desks used in congress, my friendly cat suggested that they be replaced by blankets in the sun, she added that not as much would get done, but the politicians should be relaxed enough not to argue as much.

In regards to the debt ceiling, this cat was much more interested in the idea of a fish ceiling and a cream floor.


I had many other questions that I wanted her opinion on, but she was quickly distracted by a passing moth. What her solution to the government shutdown might have been we’ll never know.


Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed this.



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