Random thoughts for October 19

Why is it that when ever you want something interesting to be going on the world, there isn’t anything.
Here I am trying to come up with something interesting and fun to write about and I can’t.
What with the government not shutdown anymore and nothing else that can make light of going on in the world, I seem to be stuck with just a few odds and ends that I can make fun of or light of.
It would seem that I am forced to talk about either cats, make jokes, or the NSA for my humor.
So without any further ado, I will begin with a joke:

What did the vampire Orange say to the produce manager? I want to suck your blood orange!

That takes care of the bad joke. Next I want to think the NSA for taking the time to read this, I’m sure they have other emails to read as well.

Thanks for reading this, I hope that I’ll have something better ready to go tomorrow night.


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