A few Halloween costume ideas

Here’s a few unique Halloween costume ideas, you should have enough time to make these (I hope!):


Everyone wants a scary Halloween costume that’s also relevant, one option (if you’ve got a bunch of friends) is to go as a number from the National Debt, if you’ve got enough friends you could all line up and scare millions of people!*

Another good, scary, idea is to go as your least favorite congress person, just be careful where you go, some people might not be too friendly.

Vampires are always good, only please stay with the old-time vampire, like Dracula.

Zombies are overdone, as are ghosts and pirates, however if you combine all three and go as a ghost of a pirate zombie, you’ll have a very unique costume and should get a few people ask you what your costume is.

But if you really want to go as something scary, something that everyone will recognize and run from, go as the new healthcare website. This is one costume that I will nearly guarantee will get you all the candy you want, you’ll just have to pick it up from the ground as the givers will be running away or will faint.


Thanks for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post.

Leave a comment with any other ideas!


*You would need about a trillion friends, which is the downside.


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