What if: the zombie apocalypse began on Halloween?

Have you ever considered what might happen, if the zombie apocalypse would start on Halloween?
Would we be prepared for it? Would we even realize that it’s happening? Would we believe it, or would we just assume its a modern ‘War of the worlds’ like joke?
I make fun of the NSA quite often in my blog, but this is one time they might actually save us. What if by spying on us, the NSA is able to determine that we are actually being overrun by zombies? Would they be able to dispatch a strong enough force to destroy the Zombie hordes? Is it possible that they have done this before?
All I hope is that we survive Halloween without a zombie apocalypse. I’d much rather have any other kind of monsters try to take over. Give me a vampire invasion any day. If I’d become a vampire, my only complaint would be not eating garlic anymore, if, on the other hand, I’d become a Zombie, I’m sure I’d have a lot more complaints…
In any case, I urge you to be very aware on Halloween. We can never be too careful when facing the zombie apocalypse.

Thanks for reading. I do have a question for you loyal readers, would you prefer being attacked by zombies or another monster?


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