Who wants to be a monster?

With Halloween drawing near, I’ve been wondering what kind of monster I’d want to be if I had to be one. Would I want to be a Vampire?  A Werewolf? An Accountant?

So naturally I started wondering what other people would choose to be. While I haven’t asked anyone (mostly because they’d look at me like I was crazy), I want to ask you, my loyal readers. I don’t care if you would just like to be a Vampire on All Hallows’ eve, a Werewolf year round, or some other monster part of the year, I want to hear from you in the comments!

I’ll tell you my thoughts on this to get you going.

There’s a monster I’d choose over all others… Well one of two, I don’t think that they are far apart, really. The monster I’d choose would be the scariest monster ever dreamed up by mankind, so spooky that everyone has heard of them, nearly everyone fears these creatures, they can lurk among normal, everyday people without anyone being aware of them until they are ready to strike, but once they let themselves be known to be there they have everyone living in fear and awe of them. People go out of their way to avoid these creatures, except those who want to be feared themselves, those people attach themselves to these creatures in hopes of becoming famous.

It is clear what the creatures I’m talking about are, isn’t it? I’m talking about Politicians and IRS agents.

Thanks for reading!

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