Halloween is coming!

Halloween is coming! Are you ready? Or are you going to risk everything?

You might think that Halloween is just a day to give out candy, but you just might be wrong. What if the ghouls and Vampires who appears at your door that night are not kids in costumes, but in fact are the real things?

Have you ever considered that the Vampire you give a miniature candy bar to might be a real bloodsucker who expected a full-sized  candy bar? If it’s a real Vampire, I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the people who skimp on giving out candy, they just might wake up the next day as a slave to an evil Vampire bent on taking over the world!

So just remember: Don’t skimp on candy, give out the largest candy bars you can find, if nothing else, you’ll keep the kids in your neighborhood happy!

Thanks for reading!

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