Halloween Jokes

First of all I’d like to apologize about a few misspellings in my past few posts. I will be trying harder to keep those from occurring.

In today’s post, I thought I’d off up a few bad Halloween jokes I’ve come up with:

A Vampire goes into a restaurant and orders fried broccoli, the waiter brings him a steak instead, the waiter trips as he reaches the vampire’s table, sending the steak smashing into the vampire’s chest, killing him. The waiter tells the cops “I guess he was a vegetarian. ”

When is a werewolf the unhappiest? When he’s down to his last quarter!

A ghost decides that she wants to be a model. When the photographer see her, he says “Bootiful! Simply Bootiful!”

A monster created by a mad scientist is walking through a town, destroying everything is sight. He reaches the town hall, looks around and sighs. Spying an alarmed citizen, he asks “Who got here before me?”

The citizen says “Are you new around here? This is the Town Hall, its politics, did you think it wouldn’t be broken?”

What did one tombstone say to the granite tombstone next to it? You rock!

A skeleton walks across the Gobi desert, he reaches a cemetery at the end of his journey and says “At last, a place to rest my weary bones!”

As a horde of zombies sweeps down on a remote home, the owner glances up from his computer and exclaims “Guess I don’t have to bother with health insurance now!”

A man survives an attack by a Vampire, only to be attacked by a werewolf, amazingly he survives, on, ly to find a Zombie blocking his path. After a brief battle with a rusty sword, the man shakes his head and said “The NSA is never going to believe this!”

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a bad Halloween joke of your own in the comments! (I did warn you that they were bad!)


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