Random thoughts for November 7

What if the NSA would be forced to dedicate a branch to spying on itself. That branch would need to be spied on as well, just to make sure they’re spying well enough… That secondary branch would need a branch devoted to spying on itself as well… It could keep going on and on… Which wouldn’t be that bad of a thing if you think about it.
Let me count the pros of having the NSA spying on itself:

  • 1: it would give everyone a job .
  • 2: everyone would have government healthcare as they would be indispensable to the spying game
  • 3: we could become the best spies of the world and hire out to other countries.
  • I like those pros, but I fear it’ll be a long time before the NSA becomes the worlds spies.

    Here’s a joke of mine I think you might get a chuckle out of:

    A city slicker was visiting a farm, he asked the farmer how things were growing,the farmer said everything was Coming up roses. The city slicker congratulated the farmer for his luck, to which the farmer said “Thing is, I planted beets.”

    I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

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