Security or spying gone too far?

I read a story this morning about how tombstones are going to be getting microchiped. In case you having read about it, here’s a link to an article about it:

While at first glance a number of questions arise, for instance:

  • Why would anyone steal a tombstone? Would they reuse it?
  • Is there a black market for Tombstones?
  • Are they going to be plugged in, use a battery or equipped with solar panels? Or maybe a wind turbine?
  • Does it need DSL, cable, wi-fi or cellular?

It also brings to mind a much more sinister idea: What if this is just the first steps in a vast plot by governments to keep track of us after we’re dead?

Just imagine, you are going on about your business, haunting a cemetery, talking to your ghostly friends when all of a sudden the FBI shows up with a medium and a priest and arrests you. Your crime? One of the ghosts you say hello to every night just happened to be the ghost haunting VIPs in the government.

Or perhaps the ghosts you haunted with happened to have links to terrorists in life, perhaps they had even been trying to convince you to take part in a skeletal uprising that they were planning (you refused, of course, but the NSA wouldn’t believe it).

Of course this is all far-fetched on my behalf, there would be several hurdles that would have to be taken care of first, such as sentences, you can’t sentence a dead man to life in prison, can you? Plus we’d have to do something about monitoring the released ghosts until they get back in their graves, you can’t just let ghosts go without an ankle monitor… or would that be a spirit monitor? Maybe for drunk ghosts… hmm.

As I say, there are lots of questions that need answering before I believe it’s safe to have tombstones monitored for anything besides theft. Plus we do need to answer the question of what these people do with these stolen tombstones, that still bothers me!

Thanks for reading and if you have any idea what you’d do with a stolen tombstone, please tell me in the comments below!


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