Fiftieth Anniversary episode of Doctor Who review

This is my review of the Fiftieth Anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

This will contain “spoilers”. I believe that most true Whovians have already seen the episode Day of the Doctor at least once by now, so the following shouldn’t affect any of you.

If you haven’t watched the episode and you call yourself a Whovian, I hope that you had a good reason, like a tornado, earthquake, Dalek invasion, hurricane, Cyberman upgrading, or other worthy reason not to watch it. If none of those options apply to you, I have an interesting piece of news for you, you aren’t a Whovian.



Now that that’s out-of-the-way, this should be a safe spot to start to avoid spoiling anything for the unlucky few who haven’t seen the episode.


It was overall a good episode, solid in story and it stood up as Doctor Who nicely. That said, it could have done with a few more cameos of former Doctors.

John Hurt was a great Doctor, it’s a shame that we don’t get to see more of him, it would be interesting to see his character explored more thoroughly.

Billie Piper was good, it was a shame that she wasn’t reprising her role as Rose Tyler. It was also a shame that she only interacted with John Hurt’s Doctor, I was really hoping to see her reunited with David Tennant’s Doctor, I was also wondering how Rose would get on with Matt Smith’s Doctor and Clara. I had half hoped for Rose  and Clara to start sharing tales of their adventures.

Clara was… well, Clara. She’s not the greatest companion, nor the worst by far.

David Tennant was great, he stepped back into the Doctor with ease, you couldn’t really tell that he had been gone for five years (has it really been that long?). In my opinion, David Tennant could easily step back into his role as the Doctor for five more years without any trouble.*

Matt Smith was himself, he wasn’t any better or worse than in most of his episodes.

Seeing Tom Baker at the end was great, his cameo added a hint of something to the episode, it makes me wonder if he might not have a few more cameos in the future.

We did get to see the next Doctor for a split second, just the top of his head and his eyes, but in that one glance I got the feeling that he might be one of the best Doctors in recent history (it didn’t hurt that his TARDIS seemed to resemble the 9th Doctors (or rather the 10th, seeing where John Hurt’s Doctor fitted in…). I always liked the more, as John Hurt said, run down TARDIS, or the Steam Punk style, those were by far the best in my opinion.

The idea that under the Tower of London is a secret archive that’s TARDIS proofed seemed a but far-fetched at best. I can’t imagine that the TARDIS could be kept out of any place, not if it could go rescue Rose in he middle of a Dalek fleet.

I assume that that was added only to get the three Doctors to go through the Time War and blast a Dalek with the three sonic screwdrivers. Which was a good scene, I give them that.


Now for a quick pro/con list:



  • David Tennantt returned!
  • Billie Piper returned!
  • We got to see the old TARDIS interior!
  • The start of the Regeneration into the (old) ninth Doctor.
  • John Hurt’s Doctor.



  • Poor idea with a TARDIS proofed archive.
  • Billie Piper didn’t play Rose, didn’t interact with David Tennant’s Doctor.
  • Clara didn’t have a real part to play, she was only in it for a few lines toward the end that mattered.
  • John Hurt’s Doctor (most likely) won’t be seen again.
  • More questions were raised than answered about the Time War.
  • The idea of removing a planet to get the Daleks to destroy themselves seemed far-fetched.


All in all, I enjoyed the Day of the Doctor. It was a pretty good episode, but it could have used a few more cameos by former Doctors, even if only for a moment. Plus I really wish that Christopher Eccleston had returned, at least so we could have seen John Hurt regenerate into him fully.


What did you think of the 50th anniversary episode? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? I want to know, please comment and tell me!

Thanks for reading!



* Here’s an idea for Steven Moffet: Convince the BBC to have a second series of Doctor Who running, it could be a slightly cheaper series profiling the missing adventures of past Doctors, you could even throw in a new companion or two if you wanted to, there are bound to have been days or even months missing from between the episodes thathave been made.


3 thoughts on “Fiftieth Anniversary episode of Doctor Who review

  1. I haven’t seen the episode yet because I don’t have a tv and I don’t live in the U.K. That being said, I’m awaiting a way to see it soon… I don’t care about spoilers though. I wouldn’t be able to go on the internet at all today if I cared about them. I’m truly looking forward to seeing the episode from what I’ve seen so far. As for your idea about a second series, that would be amazing. I would also love to see Paul McGann play more of the Doctor on-screen. He was fabulous in the TV movie!


    1. I was lucky enough to see it during the first broadcast. I’m just happy that it was a global simulcast.
      Paul McGann was good in the movie, I agree. The BBC did put a minisode online last week showing his regeneration sequence, I haven’t watched it myself yet, but I’ve been meaning to.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes the idea of a second series, now if only someone from the BBC would like it.


      1. You really should watch the minisode. It was awesome! Hopefully sometime tonight I will be able to start watching the 50th, but the download time keeps varying. Shhh, don’t tell anyone… 😉


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