Rush, rush rush!

Thanksgiving has been over for over twenty-four hours! Do you know what that means? Do you have any concept of what such a fact means to the whole USA?

It means it’s time to have lights up on the house, gifts bought and wrapped, Christmas music on your MP3 player, a tree set up in your house and it’s time to make special Christmas cookies!

If you haven’t done any or all of those things yet, it means one of three things:

  1. Your crazy.
  2. You’re not buying into the whole spend all your money in six weeks, commercialization of the winter.
  3. You’re an  anti-commercialism terrorist on the NSA’s clandestine drone hunting list.

Now if you aren’t any of these things, that can only mean that you don’t live in a commercialized nation, or you are an alien from Pluto (which is a planet, thank you very much!) where you only spend a dime every thousand years or so.


Now I don’t mind the Christmas music, at least not the songs on my iPod, I enjoy them (I hate to admit it, but I forget to take some of them off and end up listening to Christmas songs once a month year round).

Cookies are another thing I don’t mind, it’s hard to go wrong with cookies (unless you put nuts in them, if you do you are simply crazy, or nuts). I think that’s why you see sugar cookies cutout into shapes and frosted at all holidays now.

As for gifts and trees, I don’t want to go into that too much, save to say, why not wait until December 1st at least to put up a tree? It’s only a few days and it’ll make it seem much more special. Also, I plan to start my shopping on the 39th of November (if you’re expecting a gift from me and don’t receive one, it’s because of the calendar makers, not because I forgot or was lazy).


Thanks for reading!

What do you think? Are the holidays being forced down our throats too quickly for your enjoyment too?



3 thoughts on “Rush, rush rush!

  1. I love your humor! Reminds me of my own!

    Regarding your question: It really seems like we’re rushing from one holiday to the next. However, people tend to forget that they don’t have to give in to this. I, too, think it crazy that Christmas time already starts in mid-November (as it seems). But nobody can force me to shop in the Christmas section. So, in some way, there is the possibility to avoid the madness.

    Keep it up!


    1. I guess there isn’t anywhere to hide then, is there?
      I guess we’ll just have to try to get into the spirt of the season and hope next year they wait until December 1st, unless they start in July, that would give new meaning to ‘Christmas in July’!
      Thanks for commenting!


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