Questions I have

During the past few days while I’ve pondered, I’ve come up with a few questions that I can’t answer. I’m hoping that my readers might have the answers to these questions.

If chili is hot, what food with a warm name is cold?

Why do people complain when weather forecasters miss a winter storm, or the temperature is ten degrees colder in the winter, but no one complains when they predict a hundred degree day in July and it only reaches ninty?

Why, when the same amount of rice is cooked on different days with the same amount of water, can the final amount vary to a large degree?

Why do TV networks put Christmas cartoons on before Thanksgiving? Can’t they wait a few days? Who doesn’t like watching old TV cartoons before Christmas?

If we have weekends, why isn’t there a week beginning?

These are just a sample of the odd things that go through my mind when have time to ponder things. I only have two choices: to spend less time thinking, or to blog my thoughts.
Thanks for reading and please comment if you have any answers to theses questions.


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