My pointless opinions

The following are a few of my opinions that most people wont care about, but as I didn’t have any other thoughts for a post tonight…

I believe that the best theme music in the new run of Doctor Who was during David Tennant’s first two years, not that the rest are bad, but those two years are my favorites, I really like how the music at the end changed if it was a twoparter.

The latest update to TempleRun 2 has added two things that I find really fun, namely the new water slide and the option to run as Santa Claus… I’m still trying to figure out what happens to his sack when he slides however.

I wish that I could figure out why time seems to speed up during November and December, I think if I could figure that out I’d have a good shot at a prize.

Thanks for reading this pointless post, I’ll try to come up with something funnier for tomorrow, it’s either that or write my theory’s about the Christmas special of Doctor Who, which I’m planning on soon.

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