If you need a little break…

If you need a quick little break from the holiday stress, I’ve got a few games that have added seasonal trappings.
Most games for tablets have seasonal updates, but for the scope of this post I’m not going to include games like Hay Day (which has it’s own amazing holiday update). Instead I’m focusing on games that you can spend just a few minutes in:

Temple Run 2- with the last update you can now run as Santa Claus, there is also a challenge to find all of the holiday objects in chests. It’s a nice quick game that allows you to forget about the stress around you, plus you get to see just how hard St. Nicholas works to get that hard to find present.

Angry Gran run- not quite as much fun as Temple Run, but it is making gains. With the holiday update you can now choose seasonal costumes to run as (assuming you’ve got enough coins of course), such as a gingerbread man or a snowman on skis. With obsticals decorated in holiday themes, this game does a slightly better job of being festive.

Santa jump- it’s not a bad game, you jump from cloud to cloud, trying to get high with each jump before crashing back to Earth. Your player in Santa riding a riendeer. What I didn’t like about this game is that there are no instructions, it just lets you start playing right away. A few hints would have been nice.

These games are just what’s suited to my tastes. I’m sure that there are lots of other quick games out there. If you’ve got a favorite game that has seasonal scenery I’d live to hear about it.
Thanks for reading!


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