Is Santa Claus nearly obsolete?

Are we moving into a post Santa Claus civilization?
Could children in 15 years, instead of writing a letter to Santa be writing letters to Amazon?
In the near future could children be looking out their windows in hopes of seeing a red warning light on a drone instead of Rudolph’s red nose?
With how technology is going, it could happen. It could be that all these years of stories could go down the drain in a matter of months If Amazon gets their way.
I shudder to think of how the future could turn out if we cannot manage to hang onto simple tradition such as Santa Claus. Brent with Amazon and other companies testing delivery drones, we could see a time where presents being flown down a chimney is no longer a figment of someone’s imagination.
All we can do is hope that things do not go that far.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what your thoughts on this subject are.


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