My favorite part of Christmas

My favorite part of Christmas isn’t what most people would expect. I enjoy giving and receiving gifts, I enjoy cookies and candies, I enjoy Christmas movies, but those aren’t my favorite part of Christmas.
My favorite part of Christmas normally involves something strange, like mannequins dressed like Santa Claus with pistols in their hands, alien ghosts reanimating the dead, blood thirsty snowmen or magical Christmas gifts that are doorways into another world. Oh and Charles Dickens fighting to save Earth.
Obviously I’m talking about the Doctor Who Christmas specials of years past.*
Tomorrow (or today depending on when and where you read this) we get to see the Doctor fighting another epic battle… One we know he won’t survive in his current form, but there will be a new Doctor emerging, which should bring about some great new episodes.
For myself, I have to say that I find this episode to be the most anticipated of the year, I’m only hoping that it lives up to the hopes that I have for it.

Thanks for reading this and Merry Christmas.

* I know, two of those episodes are from the first season with Rose, but they still say Christmas to me.

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