Random thought for Sunday, December 26th

In the Doctor Who episode ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’, the Doctor talks about time travel to Jenny. After she returns to life, why doesn’t she go after a time machine so she can reunite with the Doctor?
I think that she would have added a lot to the show. I believe that they might be able to bring her back, a new actress can play her, just say she regenerated. It would be easy enough for her to come back with the Time Lords, perhaps she fought in the Time War.
Anyway, that’s just my idea.

2 thoughts on “Random thought for Sunday, December 26th

    1. Maybe she could somehow find Captain Jack. If not, maybe she could find some other time agent. Unless by being a Time Lord (or is that lady?) maybe the Master’s TARDIS could have found her after the Master became human, after all, the Doctor’s TARDIS took him to her in the first place.


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