A look back…

This was the first year I’ve really blogged, I tried it once a few years ago, I didn’t even last a month, so I try to ignore that.

I started this blog back in April, I wasn’t sure why I did really, but it was something that I wanted to try, everything that I was reading talked about how you needed to have a blog to build your web presence, so I started my blog.

The first few posts I had were strange to me, I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I didn’t feel like reading a dozen articles offering tips, as I knew that none of them would agree with one another.

I played with the layout quite often in those days, I was never quite satisfied with it, but once I settled on one, I’ve stuck with it… even though I sometimes wonder if I should have kept changing it.

April and May were about the same for my blog, a few visitors, a few likes, not many comments. I nearly gave up in June when I only had 12 visitors all month, but July I managed to get more visitors and despite  slight drops in August and November, I’ve been doing better every month since, I still have a few days left this month and I’m hoping to reach 100 visitors.

While my blog is small in the grand scheme of things, I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve posted about my dislike of blogging a few time (I think those posts were among my most liked, oddly enough), but I’ve come to look forward to it, more or less (mostly more, except for the many times I’ve wanted to just post ‘I don’t know what to post about tonight’).

My humorous posts seem to be among my most liked posts, I  noticed that right away and tried to change my posts to include more humor, judging by the likes I’ve been getting, it seems like it’s working. I’ve tried to keep most of my posts  funny, but every now and then I enjoy posting something non-humorous.

Halloween was the best time for my blog, everyone seemed to enjoy my Halloween themed humor and jokes, which I’ve glad of, I enjoyed writing them and I always look forward to being funny.

However, I’ve found myself trying to balance seriousness and humor in some of my posts, I hope it’s working (if not I’d like to know about it, I’ll stick a joke in every post if it helps).

One thing that I’ve been disappointed in is the lack of comments on my blog, I just checked and I’m averaging 8 a month, if I can change that I’d be very happy.

That about sums up this past year of my blog (9 months really, but who’s counting?).

Tomorrow I’ll delve into what I’m hoping to accomplish with my blog, also I’ll throw in a joke or two to keep my readers happy.

Thank you for reading this, I know I enjoyed writing it.


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