My goals for my blog this year

As I wrote yesterday, since I was ill for the week of the first, I’m still trying to catch up and I wanted to blog about my blogging goals for 2014, so without further ado…

I have a lot of plans for my blog this year, some are minor, some are major and others will have people scratching their heads.

  • I want to update the style of my blog.
  • I want to get my ‘about’ page updated.
  • I want to get a few spare posts ready in case I don’t have time to write something up.
  • I want to have over two hundred posts this year.
  • I want to spend more time reading blogs.
  • I want to get 100 comments this year.
  • I want to triple the number of followers on my blog.
  • I want to hit 80 views on one day.
  • I hope to be reblogged at least once.
  • Those might not seem like big goals, but I’m sure that I’ll struggle to get them all finished.

    Thanks for reading this and I promise to have something funny next time.

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