A group of random thoughts for Saturday January 11th

As I’m still getting back into the swing of blogging, I thought that I’d fall back to an old standby of mine, Random Thoughts, I’ll have a few funny things, maybe a serious thing and obviously something about the NSA. Let’s begin, shall we?”


Tonight makes a turning point for me, I’m going to back up my important files on my new external hard drive, now I don’t have to rely on the NSA to keep track of my files for me… but don’t worry, NSA, I’ll still keep from backing up my bookmarks, I’ll let you do that (not that I care about more than three or four of them, but…), you are quite welcome, the CIA and FBI are also welcome to keep track of my bookmarks, I’m sure that they have the time and computing power to do so.


I’ve never backed up my computer before, I think I’ve always been afraid that if I did, it would signal that I didn’t trust my computer not to crash, which is something I don’t want to do, you just never know, if the Computer Apocalypse happened right now, I think I’d be sitting pretty, I’m always polite to my computers, just in case.


Have you ever noticed how keyboards don’t last long, after a few weeks of typing, you start to make more mistakes as the keys begin to stick just a bit, after a few months you can barely type anything because it’s nearly worn out? I have, but I won’t have to worry anymore, I’m using a mechanical buckle spring keyboard now, just like were used in the 1980’s, it’s louder than my old keyboards, but it’s one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used, now I just need a couple more to use with my other computers.

One of the key extras with my new keyboard is that it’s heavy, not only doesn’t it move if a push it a bit, in case of a zombie Apocalypse I could use it to defend myself! A great multipurpose tool if I do say so!


Sometimes’ I find myself wondering what someone from an alien world would think if they read my blog, then I realize that it’s quite possible most of my readers are aliens hiding on Earth, watching and waiting to abduct the most interesting blogger that they can find… on that note, have you heard the latest Hollywood gossip? What’s that? All aliens stopped reading my post right then? Guess I’m safe.


The Olympics are coming near, it’s a time for people who have practiced their sport for most of their lives to go somewhere and try to win a medal that they’ll pawn in five years (more or less) when they realize that their career in sports are over and they didn’t save a dime to retire on.

It’s not that I have anything against the people who go to the Olympics, it’s just that I think the whole thing is blown out of proportion, it shouldn’t be a TV spectacular, those should be saved for Opening day of Baseball season.


Thanks for reading, I hope I managed to get you to chuckle at least once.

Please feel free to leave any and all comments, even if it’s just selling soap, I look forward to reading them!



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