NSA changes

Good news, the NSA has new rules!
The NSA will collect you phone calls, but they have to get a judge to tell them to view the data. Also the NSA will be turning the phone data (your calls) over to a new entity or company (to be determined within 90 days) for storeage.
If it’s a new governmental agency, I’m sure that they will get the people who created the first healthcare website to build the system, unless they go with the IRS tech people (who’s website is unsecure).
If they go with a private company, I’m sure that Target will put in a bid, we all ready know how well they protect customers credit card info, so we know how secure they’d keep phone data.
I’m happy to hear that the NSA isn’t being stopped from tracking web use age by people, which means that I won’t lose any readers.
Also, I didn’t hear that the NSA is being blocked from spying on the calls made by foreign leaders, which means we can learn what those leaders like on their pizza.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “NSA changes

  1. Kind of makes me glad that I lead a very boring life. I don’t have a cell phone and I only use my landline for business calls. As for my web usage, they can look all they want. I’m sure my data would be good use for a bedtime story if anybody has any trouble sleeping.


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