Things I’ve found interesting this past week

This past week has had a few interesting things that I felt I  should comment on, none of them was enough for a single post on their own, so I decided to add them all up into one post.


This past week Google bought Nest, a maker of smart thermostats and fire alarms. This in itself wasn’t very interesting, however two things that followed made it interesting:

1: I’ve seen this deal referred to as Google-Nest, or similar, it sounds like an order, “Google Nest!”

2: A lot of people online are saying that Apple should have bought Nest, which I guess would have resulted in an Apple Nest.


This week I’ve read about how NASA wasn’t to study an asteroid of metal that’s somewhere near the asteroid belt. They believe that it was the core of a planet that never fully formed. It’s interesting, but I can’t see how sending a probe there would do any good, I say leave it for a mining company to exploit.


A peace conference in Geneva will have representatives from both sides of the Syrian civil war… don’t look for it to be a very  civil conference.


Payton Manning (Quarterback of the Denver Broncos) seems to want to play in Omaha in a Hurry Hurry, as he kept shouting ‘Omaha!” during last Sunday’s game. Rumors have it that he might have been expecting a steak delivery that afternoon.

In a related note, when the Broncos play the Patriots on Sunday here in Denver, it is expected that both quarterbacks will be shouting to be traded to Omaha, which is odd as I can’t even find proof that there is an active football team in Omaha, however with the money both players have, they should be able to start a dozen minor league teams with ease.


I guess that’s about all that was really interesting this week, hopefully next week will have more interesting news.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment!



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